Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back To School 2009

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Drew turns 11 years old!

Our Drew turned 11 years old on the 24th of July.
I can't believe he is already eleven years old. Time sure fly's.
I just want to tell him that he is such a special boy and we love him so much. He helps out with
his brothers and whenever we ask him to do something, he just gets right in and does it.

Thanks for being such a GREAT SON DREW! We love you so much!


MOM, DAD, TY & Tazj

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 12 year Anniversary to Us!

I can't believe that I have been married for 12 years today. It has gone by so fast! As I was looking at these pictures, it seems just like it was yesterday that we got married. I found this poem that fits us perfect!

Happy Anniversary my Sweet Love!
For you, I thank the Lord above
You’ve given me hope, inspiration and truth
Because of you I feel never-ending youth
When heavy storms have come our way
Your love has always made me stay
Each morning I wake and see your face
I know in you, I’ve found my place
Our bond is extraordinary, beautiful, and real
It’s remarkable how wonderful you make me feel
We belong together, you and I
That, the world cannot deny
Never in my life will I find another man
Who could ever fulfill me the way you can
The life we’ve shared these past 12 years
Has proved forever it shall persevere
I will love you forever in every way
That will remain constant for eternity!

I love you Daren. You are such a Wonderful Husband and Father to our 3 Boys! I am so lucky to have you as my Eternal Compainion!

Love you tons,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daren is on a BEAR HUNT!

Well, here I am waiting for a phone call from Daren that never comes. I swear, why is it that no matter how many times you tell your husband to call home when they are hunting, they NEVER WILL.
Daren left on Monday morning, headed for Alaska on a Bear hunt with a friend of his from work. Yes, they will be gone a LONG 2 weeks. He has always wanted to go to Alaska and go see the sights, but I don't think he EVER thought he would be trying to kill a BLACK BEAR on his trip to Alaska.
John is hunting a Grizzly Bear, and my Daren, well his quest is a Black Bear. He has been so EXCITED to go and see what he could do.
Well before he left to go, Daren's mom Denise asked him, "Daren, do you know what to do if a bear tries to attack you?" Brilliant Daren said in return, "STOP, DROP & ROLL?" His mother just about died! Ever since he told her he was going on this bear hunt, she has been researching stuff on bears and what to do if they attack. She told him to lay down and pretend to be dead.
As I have thought of him this week over there on this "Great Bear Hunt", I have been picturing just ONE scenario in my mind. This is how it goes:
Daren, while hiking around these beautiful mountains in Alaska, he comes across this black bear eating his fish out of a huge river. As Daren, this very short; blonde/grayish haired man, comes tip toeing into this bears surrounding. I can vision Daren, holding up his gun so excited to shoot his first bear, when suddenly he has forgotten to load his gun with a BULLET (yes my friends, this would be Daren), and he screams out "HOLY $D%%," but like all of you know, Daren would have said the real word.
When he says this, the Black Bear just minding his own business gets startled and starts running towards Daren. So when Daren realizes this bear is after him, he tries to hi-tail it out of there when he remembers the what his mother told him. "Pretend you are dead!" I can so see him doing this. So he drops and pretends he is dead, when the bear starts sniffing around his body. As this bear sniffs his legs, arms, and feet Daren holds perfectly stiff, BUT when that BLACK BEAR starts sniffing his HAIR and starts MESSING WITH HIS HAIR, then his "HILLACIOUS" attitude kicks in, and Daren jumps up and kills that bear with one shot of his PAUL MITCHELL HAIRSPRAY that is tucked in his Cabella's fanny pack.

You people that know Daren, know this to be TRUE! Nothing makes him more MAD then someone touching his HAIR. I really don't know why I have pictured this scenario in my mind this week, but since his mother told me that, this is ALL I SEE!

I really miss him, and can't wait to see if he returns with his BLACK BEAR! Hopefully, it is not the way the I have pictured it in my mind though!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ya, so our Drew is officially part of an accelerated team in Cedar City! We took him down yesterday, cause the coach wanted to see him practice with his team and see what he could really do! So we loaded up the expedition, Daren, myself, Ty, Tazj, Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Sherrie and headed on down. We had so much fun just being together, enjoying the ball fields and being out in the sun.

Drew did AMAZING! He really showed them his stuff. They practiced for 2 hours on different kinds of skills and fundamentals. He was just having a BALL! He also made some really nice boys on the team that made him feel very welcome. As we were sitting there, one of the parents asked my mom if she was the "MOM or the GRANDMA". That comment right there made her whole trip, I tell ya!! Of course she said she was the Grandma and that she loves ball games and if he made the team, that she will be to everyone of the ball games!
Another part of the day I really enjoyed, is that Ty was able to have some great one-on-one time with his dad and his Grandpa Johnny! Those three just played ball with each other and practiced with Ty those 2 hours. Ty was just so excited, and he is doing so well!
And of course Tazj was just in heaven with his "boots and hat" and running around all over the fields.
When practice was finished, the coach said he would call Daren or email him. Well, we didn't even get out of Cedar City before he had called. "YES, we could really use him" is what the coach told Daren.

YEAH FOR DREW!! He has been really wanting to play baseball year around, and constantly asks us if we had heard from anyone! He really does have a talent in this sport! He will be playing in at least one tournament each month throughout the year. He also will be practicing twice a week in Cedar City! I guess we will make this town a second home!
Great Job DREW!! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you play ball all year long!!

I just want to tell my parents how much I appreciate all the time they give to my little family. My parents are always so willing do ANYTHING for any of their children or grandchildren. It really means a lot to me and Daren how they are always there to support us and cheer us on. Thanks so much MOM and DAD! You two have been really wonderful examples of how family really should be. I hope one day that Daren & Myself, can be as GREAT Examples as you two have been!

We love you!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Make-over in minutes? - ABC - Salt Lake City, Utah News

Hey Everyone! I just thought I would post this email and link that aired on ABC 4 last night on the new product that I am selling called Galvanic Spa.
Watch it! See if you would like to try this AWESOME product out. It does, it really works!
If your interested in seeing it or just wanting to learn more, leave a comment. I will get back to you! JUST TAKE A MINUTE AND CHECK IT OUT!!

Make-over in minutes? - ABC - Salt Lake City, Utah News

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to wish my mom (Sherrie) and Daren's mom (Denise) a Happy Mother's Day and tell them both how much I love them and appreciate everything they do for my little family. They both are such GREAT EXAMPLES of what Mother's should be!
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First off Mom, I want to tell you that YOU are my hero. I hope someday I can even come close to being the kind and generous person that are to everyone around you. No matter what you have going in your life, you always make sure that your FAMILY comes first. You have taught me SO much in my lifetime of how a mother should be with there children. You have supported me, helped me, and just been an AMAZING MOTHER! Even when I cut my hair short, you still thought I looked pretty. I should tell you sorry for going and cutting my long hair off when I was younger!!
There have been two saying that you have told me all my life and they are: DO MY BEST and FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. I have tried to base my life around these two saying!
I am so GRATEFUL to have a MOM that I can trust, to always be there when I need her. I LOVE YOU A TON MOM. I really don't know what I would do without you!

Daren's mom (DENISE), I so appreciate you in so many ways too. Mostly Denise, I am so GRATEFUL to you for raising a son that is such a wonderful HUSBAND & FATHER! I hear all these complaints from other women about how there husbands don't clean or help with dinner. Well, I always tell them that I have NOTHING to complain about, cause Daren is so GREAT to help with EVERYTHING. I always tell myself that I am spoiled!! As a working mother, this helps so much! Another thing I am Grateful to you for, is ALL you do for my boys. They love to go to Grandma Niece's cause you engage, teach and play with them. You are such an example to them. They have something new that they tell us ever time they go to your house. And lastly, I appreciate you for being so kind to me. I know I have been stubborn over the years, and I apologize for that, but I think of you as my Mother and I love you a ton. I hope that I can be as Great of a mother law to my future daughter in laws like you have been to me. Thank you for all of your love and your wisdom over the years. I Love you a ton!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

TY's Baptism

Well today was the BIG day for our eight year old Ty. He was baptized today, and is the NEWEST member in the Mayfield Ward. He is so proud and it was such a SPECIAL Day for him and our family.
The day started out so Wonderful and he was so ANXIOUS to get his suit on and get down to the church for his 10:00 am baptism. His dad took him around 9:00 with his big brother Drew, so he could get dressed and welcome people when they came into the room. Brother David Madsen was there waiting for them when they got to the church. He would be presiding over the baptism for the Mayfield Ward.
When I arrived at the church about 9:45 am, he was sitting on the chairs by his dad all dressed in white. Ty looked so handsome and so mature sitting there talking with his dad, great grandparents and Bishop Madsen.

Here is Ty's Great Grandparents: Kennard & Glade Anderson Lester & Helen Hill

Here is Daren and Myself, with our Ty ready for his baptism to start. He is such a handsome little guy don't you think?

Here is his Grandpa Donald and Grandma Denise. They are such wonderful grandparents and such Great Examples to my boys. It was so special because Grandpa Donald gave the opening prayer and Grandma Denise gave such a wonderful talk about baptism for Ty to listen to before his baptism. During her talk, she gave Ty h


This is Grandma Sherrie and Grandpa Johnny. They also are such wonderful grandparents to my children. If my boys are not with us, you will find them with my parents somewhere like a ballgame or just hanging out watching ballgames at their house. Ty is so lucky to have both sets of grandparents that are so involved in his life and all his accomplishments.
Grandma Sherrie gave a talk about confirmation to Ty and showed him all the gifts he would be getting when he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so wonderful too.

After Grandpa Johnny gave the closing prayer.


I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and wonderful boys that are such great examples to me.
Ty, I love you a ton and so PROUD to have you as my son. You bring a special light to our family and you have so many wonderful abilities that you share with others, EVERYDAY. You are so good to your brothers even though they sometimes drive you "NUTS" you always tell them you love them. My favorite thing to hear is when I come home from work, and you scream down from your room and say "mom", and I say "YES" and you tell me, " I LOVE YOU!" It melts my heart EVERY TIME.
I LOVE YOU TY and you deserve the BEST in life! Always be yourself and keep that SMILE and YOUR CUTE SAYINGS throughout your life!

After the Baptism, we all headed to the Gunnison Park to enjoy the sunshine, a light lunch and each other's company. We took Daren's parents advise and ordered Subway sandwiches, different kinds of fruit salads and pasta salad's and chips. For dessert we ate Hot Fudge Cake, which tasted so Great! For me, a little TOO GREAT!!
Thanks so much for all of you who brought salad's and treats to the luncheon. It tasted so good! Here are some random pictures from the GET TOGETHER!

We missed you that could not make it. We'll get you next time.

Here are a list of people who came to Ty's special day:

Drew & Tazj
Grandma & Grandpa Anderson
Great-Grandma & Grandpa Anderson
Grandma & Grandpa Hill
Great-Grandma & Grandpa Hill
Great-Grandma& Grandpa Sorenson
Jared, Heather Anderson & Avery, Shea, Elle & Baby Demi
Blair, Cheryl, Devrin, & Daetyn
Rhett & Michelle Anderson
Dax & Heidi Higgins
Jed, Michelle Hill & Jaxon, Carter, Sara & Baby Bridger
Kirk & Janet Anderson
Randi, McKinlee, Braxon & Addison Sylvester
Mike, Jenny Christensen & Conner, Cayson, Kallon & Kyler
Tanae & Bosten Childs

Thanks for coming!